Into Zhongda

Incorporated on May 27, 2008 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, Heze Zhongda Livable Real Estate Co.,Ltd , has jurisdiction over Heze Henghui Property Services Co., Ltd., Shandong Province Zhongfu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Heze City Jianye Construction Co., Ltd., Heze Xintai Steel Co., Ltd., Heze Ruizhi Marketing Planning Center, Wenshang County Haoda Property Co., Ltd., Heze City Development District Real Estate Co., Ltd., Heze…[see more]


  • |Wenshang Zhongda Plaza Project
  • |Zhongda Golden Bay Project
  • |Zhongda Yijing Plaza Project
  • |Zhongda Royal Garden Project


08 2016-10

Zhongda Honor

In 2005, Wenxin Garden Community was awarded as " Famous and Potential Real Estate brand of Shandong Province" by Shandong Province Real Esta…